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Sheboygan, Wisconsin

June 18- September 18, 2022

Between our freshwater surfing and annual celebration of brats, Sheboygan has earned a reputation to be a bit…unusual? Those who do spend time here know how much there is to do, how dynamic our creative community is, and the potency of our Midwest quirk!
To celebrate, we’ve invited a few artists from the boyg to represent! LET’S GET WEIRD!

Featuring: Jordan Gottsacker & Beth Lipman, Kate Kaminski, Josh Mobley, Brandon Krebsbach, Sequoia Alby Virgin, Alex Gartelmann & Jonas Sebura, LJ Falk, Patty Aker, Matthew Hanna and Jenny Balge

Stay Weird Sheboygan-Installation View
Stay Weird Sheboygan-Installation View

Left: Real Fine, 2017

Center: Deuce, 2018-2021

Right: Paiakyamu, 2020