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Sheboygan, Wisconsin

June 26- September 26, 2021

The works express the uncensored nature of the artists, embracing their own individual eccentricities. This exhibition was co-curated alongside Beth Schueffner, an artist, curator, and designer with insight on trusting innate vision.

Nü Brut can be defined as an all-encompassing art genre that embodies the old, the new, and the derivatives that art brut inspires. Nü Brut takes away the sometimes negative connotation associated with traditional definitions of Art Brut and celebrates it; shining light on artists who are commonly viewed as underdogs. It is a celebration of counterculture. Creating a diverse and elevated community of the outsiders.

Beth Schueffner, Steve Migs, Sara Willadsen, John Tully, Matthew Hanna, Kassie Corroy, Nora Wesner, Charles O'Connell, Cooper Diers, Becci Aschenbach, Mari Anna Chism

Nu Brut Installation View
Nu Brut Installation View

Top: Wonderland Trifecta, 2018

Lower Center: Out Like a Lamb, 2018-2021

Lower Right: Republic, 2018